Hampton University “Marching Force”


Photo Cred: hamtonu.edu

The Hampton University Marching Band, “The Force”,  is a grand example of the positive impact of music on student engagement and success. The Force provides experiences which assist students in their ability to assume responsibility, establish a professional attitude, gain self-confidence, develop a humanistic attitude toward life, become proficient in their area of musical specialization, appreciate diverse cultures, and contribute positively to the world around them.

The Force is most often found serving alongside the Hampton University football team on Saturday game days. Fan anticipation is reserved for half time and the battle that will ensue to determine the musical champion of the day. It is a sight to behold and an adventure within itself. The cadence of the Drum Majors leading the march of musicians on a mission to perform at their best and make the audience feel their drive in the depths of their chest along with the beat of the S.T.I.C.K.Y. Situation drum line. The Ebony Fire dance team and S.I.L.K.Y. flag line sway in rhythmic unison, while the crowd watches in awe, mesmerized. They execute so precisely and so effortlessly, that the audience never fully understands the extreme dedication and hard work that goes into making each performance an exquisite experience for the senses of sight and sound.


CONTACT INFO: Director of Bands, Dr. Thomas L. Jones Jr.
EMAIL: hu_bands@hamptonu.edu
PHONE: (757) 728-6876
BAND WEBSITE: https://humarchingforce.com/